8 X-Men & Fantastic Four Spin-Offs That Would Work On TV

By Eric Diaz in Daily Lists
Friday, May 2, 2014 at 6:00 am

Writer/producer Simon Kinberg also mentioned Fox's other Marvel property The Fantastic Four as being something that could serve as inspiration for a television series. While not having nearly as many spin-offs series to serve as a launching point, there are still a handful that could serve as a start for a decent ongoing television series.

3. The Frightful Four


Every big superteam has their "opposite number" - the Justice League has the Crime Syndicate, the X-Men have the Brotherhood of Mutants, and the Fantastic Four have the Frightful Four. Much like the Fantastic Four, the Frightful Four is also lead by a scientific genius in the form of the Wizard, who gathers together a group of villains to mostly out of sheer boredom and a desire to one-up the Fantastic Four. I always kind of liked that his origin for a villain was basically "oh, I was really bored."

The Frightful Four could be re-worked as a television concept as a sort of Fantastic Four with less of a moral center, who need to redeem themselves after having been caught having committed various crimes (hey, if the Sinister Six can get their own movie, the Frightful Four can get a TV show.) Certain members of the team might have their rights tied up with other studios (Sony has Sandman, since he's a Spider-Man villain, and Marvel Studios has Medusa as a member of the Inhumans.) But you could always replace them with characters like Klaw and Thundra, who have also been members of the team in the past.

2. The Fantastic Force

There is maybe nothing more '90s than this cover.

The Fantastic Four, while being Marvel's first family and the very foundation of the Marvel Universe, have never had the amount of spinoff books that their sister teams the X-Men or the Avengers have had. Because of the very nature of the group, which is really a family unit more than a team in the traditional sense, it's just harder to do spin-offs for the FF.

One of the few was Fantastic Force, a short lived title from the mid '90s, which featured a time travelling adult Franklin Richards (son of the FF's Reed and Sue Richards) going by the name "Psi-Lord." Well, I'd drop that awful name, but the idea of an adult Franklin Richards (who is a mutant, therefore tying in to the X-Men) leading a team could be a decent concept, even if you totally have to rework who the team is. No one really cares or remembers Fantastic Force anyway, so I say just go nuts with the concept. Only that one guy on the Internet (who'll be commenting below in 3...2...1...) is gonna care if you change it.

1. The Future Foundation


This is one of the more recent Fantastic Four spin-off books, and there have actually been two versions of it, both titled FF. The second and most recent was a replacement team for the Fantastic Four when they traveled through time and space, but it's the original concept for the Future Foundation that I'd totally go with for a television series.

The first FF book had Reed Richards forming the Future Foundation, a collective brought together to create a better future for all of the human race. Gathering a group of young, brilliant minds, Mister Fantastic plans to mold them into a team that will come up with solutions to the world's problems.Among those genius kids that are part of the Future Foundation are mutants Artie and Leech (tying it into the overall X-Men mythology) and even the android Dragon Man. This is a pretty solid foundation for an ongoing television series, although the actual Fantastic Four play a big part in the comic book, and the question is how do you get the movie actors to commit to guest starring in a TV series on the regular? Even if they aren't big names? Would it be possible to do a series with kids running around with the numbers 5-12 (or however many there are) when the original four can't be seen? Who knows, but I'd watch the hell outta this show.

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