Weekend Hangover: 17 Stories You Might Have Missed

By Luke Y. Thompson in Daily Lists
Monday, June 2, 2014 at 6:00 am

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From game-show geeks to homicidal Pokemon, here are some of the stories you may have missed over the weekend, as submitted by your fellow readers and compiled with the help of Kyle LeClair.

This week's tipsters include kegs, skrag2112, troi, andre morelo, SlyDante777, Dr.Gonzo82, rkwsuperstar, Gallen_Dugall, SHC1970

1. Angelina Gets Axeled.

Just in time to cash in on Maleficent, Axel Braun introduces his Sleeping Beauty porno. Ironically, what with the laws about what you can and can't depict in porn, and Disney's shifting standards about what is and isn't okay in family movies, the Angelina Jolie version is probably the rapey-er of the two movies.

2. Reimagining Robin.

The tale of Robin Hood has been interpreted in many different ways. Here, the cheesy sci-fi version, Rocket Robin Hood, gets a metal theme, while the Disney version engages in modern corporate synergy.

3. Baby, You Can't Drive Their Car.

Google's self-driving cars have no pedals or steering wheel, and max out at 25 mph. They're sorta like cars driven by old people, except the turn signals work properly.

4. Not Mushroom in Here to Do It.

Ever wonder how the living creatures of Mario World get it on? Of course you have.

5.Happy Accident.

The newest McDonald's Happy Meal mascot ought to have been kid-tested before rolling it out, not after.

6. Floating in a Most Peculiar Way.

Major Tom might have been even more weirded out had he been in NASA's inflatable spaceship.

7. The Doc-y Horror Picture Show.

Okay, I'm sold - The Doctor can be a woman. Especially a woman who sounds exactly like David Tennant.

8. Sonic and Sticks May Break Fanfics, but Boners Will Never Hurt You.

Sonic Boom adds a cute, furry female badger to the cast. And we know where that's gonna end up.

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