The 30 Greatest Lego Minifigs of All Time

By Rob Bricken in Daily Lists, Toys
Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 5:00 am
By Kevin J. Guhl

In 1978, the Lego Group introduced cute, poseable minifigures (minifigs, as they're known) so kids had someone to populate the cities and drive the cars they made out of plastic bricks. Minifigs went on to become iconic, often the most-touted part of any Lego set. And for three decades, the excellent basic design of the minifig has stayed the same. To celebrate the anniversary of one of the most beloved toys of all time, Topless Robot brings you the 30 greatest Lego minifigs of the past 30 years.

30) Chef
No one went hungry in Lego land as long as this guy was around flipping pizzas. Gotta love the hat and mini-mustache.

29) Indian Chief
Lego's Western theme included sets that managed to capture the beauty of Native American dress and tradition. The chief here is rockin' the feathered headdress.

28) The "Ice Babe"
Lego's Space theme was the last holdout on introducing an obviously female minifig, and it was the female astronaut of Ice Planet 2002 who finally cut through that barrier, probably with her neon orange chainsaw.

27) Queen Leonora
Beautiful Leonora wears the ornate clothes of a medieval lady of status, and -- oh, dear, is that a chastity belt key on her waist?

26) Cavalry Soldier
While a grim reminder of the Civil War and Native American oppression, these minifigs were absolutely necessary if you were going to re-enact F-Troop in Lego.

25) Majisto
This good wizard was the first introduction of magic to the world of Lego Castle, and it was fun to finally have someone who could turn your evil knights into toads.

24) Lucius Malfoy
This Death Eater from the Harry Potter series is notable for being the most terrifying minifig Lego ever released. There's no cuteness here.

23) Vampire
Dracula looks stunning in Lego form, but doesn't he always? He was part of Lego's excellent Studios line of monster sets and came with his coffin.

22) Islander
Who ever expected Lego to make mini-figs out of Polynesian natives, and who ever thought they would turn out so great?

21) Two-Face
twoface lego.jpg
While the Batman villain is already a man of extremes, his duality is pronounced even
further in Lego as the adorable normal side is contrasted with the horrific scarred side.

20) Snowtrooper
Lego managed to take the already cool, blocky Snowtrooper armor from The Empire Strikes Back and condense it to bring out the awesomeness even more!

19) Sandy Cheeks
SpongeBob's squirrel scientist buddy comes dangerously close to being more Fabuland than standard minifig, but she's too nifty and cute to ignore.

18) Diver
Lego released a lot of divers, but this guy wins the prize for coolest wetsuit. He gets bonus points for his willingness to swim freely among schools of man-eating sharks.

17) Fantasy Era King
king lego.jpg
There have been many Lego kings, but they were all warming the throne for this guy. Fully bedecked in regal regalia and very Arthurian, this minifig don't put up with no crap from invading skeletons or trolls.

16) Achu
Lego went all out with the pomp on this Mayan (or perhaps Aztec) chief. Buy a bunch of him, and you could hold your very own Lego Mummers Parade!

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