Monday, September 14, 2009 at 7:49 am
Ladies and gentlemen, something very special happened this weekend. Late on Friday evening, Topless Robot gave birth to a meme. You may recall last week's Fan Fiction Friday, author Brickhousebunny21's epic take of a girl fucking her 8-year-old adopted teddy bear pokémon. Well, apparently Brickhousebunny21 did not care for his story's sudden fame, and left the following comment:

Brickhousebunny21 said:
WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS? I wanna know whose idea was this RIGHT NOW. Who did this on purpose, huh? I found this little secret and I'm so angry I wanna know who did this and why or I'll report everyone here to the site moderaters on this website and Yiffstar and have the one responsible BANNED FOR LIFE. NOW TELL ME WHO DID THIS NOW?
This was utterly, totally hilarious. My buddy Sean T. Collins immediately recognized the potential goldmine that Brickhousebunny21 had revealed to us and posted on his blog:

My friend Rob Bricken, aka Topless Robot, has a recurring feature at his site called Fan Fiction Friday, the goal of which is to plumb the abyss of horror that is the collective imagination of the nerd Internet. This week's installment is about a woman having sex with a baby Pokemon teddy-bear thing. But where it really takes off is when the author (search the page for Brickhousebunny21) shows up to complain and threaten. He leads with WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS?, as meme-worthy a phrase I've seen on the Internet since "I am aware of all Internet traditions." It's an ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US waiting to happen. I'm working it into my repertoire immediately. The next time I'm outraged by something on the Internet, I'm damn well gonna try to find out whose responsible this.
Somehow, Brickhousebunny21 also found this, and defended himself thusly:

Brickhousebunny21: Fisrt, nobody checks spellling on the internet!!!! SEcond, I"m only in high school, so give me a fucking break!!! Third, I am what they call the best of the best, so mock all you want, but I have my fans, and they lvoe my stories!!!!
HE IS WHAT THEY CALL THE BEST OF THE BEST, PEOPLE, AND HIS FANS LVOE HIS STORIES. Obviously, none of us have any business making fun of his pedophilic-bestiality fiction or his delightful typos. Unfortunately, TR reader Yurineko posted this before I had time to inform him of this:

And then all bets were off. What follows is the best WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS pics sent to me by TR readers and pals, a post so epic it is also today's Daily List. I think you'll understand why. AND YOU'LL LVOE IT!!!!

TR contributor Chris Cummins led the initial charge with a strong onslaught; he has some more at his Twitpic account, too.





Sean Collins wasn't far behind.



That last pic is of the Wizard Entertainment staff circa 2006 -- a group of which only 6 or 7 are left. Since I'm an ex-Wizard-ite too, I find it delightful in an intensely tragic kind of way. Meanwhile, Comic Book Resources' Kevin Melrose is clearly a doubter.
Kevin Melrose.jpg

Flimgeeks thinks there's a grassy knoll in the Marvel Universe.
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