A Topless Robot Announcement (And Also a Contest)


?Ladies and gentlemen — I am taking a vacation. Seriously. Although my job is preposterously easy, I’ve not once taken more than two days off the site in a row in the past four years, and I am burned the hell out (you may or may not have noticed). So I am taking the entirety of next week off, as well as the Monday after Christmas, to recuperate, recharge, revolve, regret, re-whatever.

While I’m gone frequent TR contributor Todd Ciolek will be running the show around here (in case you’re wondering, no, my normal second-in-command Chris Cummins didn’t do anything wrong, his real life just got in the way of picking up my slack for a full week), so please play nice with him. Also since it’s the holidays and there won’t be as much news going on, TR will be on a somewhat lighter schedule next week, so don’t bust his balls for that. If it’s any consolation, there will be a TR contest next Friday — the long-awaited Topless Robot Art Contest part 2 — but no FFF, because I do not have the power to do two FFFs in one week and I am definitely not doing one on my first vacation in forever.

But speaking of contests, there is one this week, and here it is: Tell me the one nerdy thing that you hate that everybody loves, and the one thing you love that everybody hates, and why. No judgments. Well, actually, I’m sure there will be lots of judgments, but still. There will be two winners — one for hate, one for love — based on the best reasons and most cogent arguments (i.e, if Mark Hamill pushed you down a flight of stairs in his Luke Skywalker outfit, that’d be a pretty solid, if personal, reason for hating Star Wars).

Two entries each, one for each category. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, December 19th, 2011. Chris Cummins will be selecting the winners BECAUSE I WILL BE ON FUCKING VACATION WOO-HOOOOO. Anyways, pay attention to the substitute next week and don’t lie to him because I already gave him my lesson plan; but also have a wonderful holiday week without me, and I will see you guys bright and early on the 27th.