Our First PODCAST! Listen to the Pilot of “Topless Robot LIVE!” Right Now


I have been wanting to do this for two years now, and it finally happened. I’m a relative noob to the world of podcasting – though I’ve appeared on a few – and this our first test episode. There will be more.

If you have questions or comments you’d like addressed in the next episode, leave them below. Depending on volume, we’ll answer some or all. Also, if you or a client of yours works in entertainment, toys, comics, science or any of our other areas of coverage and would like to be on the show, shoot an email to toplessrobot at gmail with subject line “TopBotCast.”

About this episode:
This week, I READ YOUR FANFIC collaborator Greg Jones Jr. is Luke and Julia’s guest, as we react to the Fantastic Four teaser, Ghostbusters casting news and Domino’s bondage-themed Israeli ad. Plus Julia discusses the typecasting of plus-sized actresses like Melissa McCarthy, and Greg defends his love of Disney’s Jungle Book despite his discomfort with the racial subtext.

About Topless Robot LIVE!:
Topless Robot‘s editor-in-chief Luke Y. Thompson (a.k.a. LYT) and his wife Julia take you on an exceedingly immature journey through the strangest and sometimes most disturbing areas of nerdy pop culture. From military cyborgs to cartoon pony fetishes, welcome to a world where nothing is off-limits and no information is Too Much.