New Fantastic Four Teaser Goes for Christopher Nolan Meets X-Men Vibe


Well, this is all very serious, isn’t it?

With the director dropping hints that David Cronenberg was one of his influences on this, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. But I did not expect a teaser that looked like Interstellar for the first half, and and X-Men sequel in the second.

I loved Fantastic Four as a kid, so to me, and in my memories they’re a FUN property first and foremost – their classic origin story is so cheesy and such a product of their time that playing it super-serious never struck me as the way to go. While I have some issues with the Tim Story films, I liked that they were nonetheless trying to be those fun romps I half-remembered. This looks so, SO different that my curiosity is piqued. And I still really want to be assured that Jamie Bell isn’t the worst possible casting for Ben Grimm.


Oooh, the circle changed to a square! That’s radical.

Here’s the trailer with director’s commentary: