WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS II: What You Call the Best of the Best

By Rob Bricken in Miscellaneous
Friday, September 18, 2009 at 5:00 pm

It's been a hell of a week here at Topless Robot. Thanks to the efforts of Brickhousebunny21, his horrible bestiacestopediality (hat tip to Kayla for the term) story at Yiffstar, and his clearly lackluster secondary education, we have created a full-on, goddamn meme. Before I get to the pics, I want to celebrate some of the bigger WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS mentions of the last week -- obviously you saw Nerd Hitler's reaction and the song, but here's the rest:

• WRT has a Wikipedia entry.
• It also has a Facebook group -- you should definitely join if you're on Facebook, duh.
• In case you didn't see it, that's Miss MayDay's second WRT song above, "We're All In Trouble Now." It's my new favorite song with my name in it.
• WRT was mentioned on the Tosh.0 blog on Comedy Central. His show doesn't air again until October, but maybe WRT will make it on there.
There are shirts. Hopefully TR will be able to sell some "official" ones eventually -- meaning ones I make money on -- but if you can't wait, go for it.
• Karl S. gives a dramatic reading of BHB21's comments over at YTMND.
• WRT was recognized by Canada's National Post on apparently a slow news day.
• Maggie K. penned her own song on the entire TR/BHB21/WRT epic titled "Banned from Yiffstar." If this doesn't become a traditional drinking song in the next 20 years I'll be very upset.
• And last but certainly not least, WhoseResponsibleThis.com. I've got nothing to do with it, but it seems perfectly keen -- you can allows add your WRT pics at your leisure.

Not a bad week's work, methinks. But it's certainly not all -- hit the jump to see the multitude of WRT pics sent in since Monday afternoon's post. Unfortunately, this will take the place of this weekend's TR contest because as a pudgy nerd, I'm exhausted even after assembling a lot of photos in a blog post. But I think you'll like them -- they're what people call the best of the best, after all.

Noted lawyer/lunatic Jack Thompson asked the tough questions of Adam Welsh.
Adam Welsh jtwrt.jpg

Brian Warmouth discovers a filing not found.
brian warmouth - whoseresponsible.jpg

TR contributor Chris Cummins found this picture of discussing the Indy 4 script.
Lucas and Spielberg and Underpants.jpg

Chris Cummins is also scared of the dark, but with good reason.
Spidey This.jpg

Ciph3r's pic wasn't nerdy, but YEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH
Ciph3r whose.jpg

This whole thing is tearing Clarence Wethern apart!

Commodore Skippy only bought it for the pictures.
Commodore Skippy - responsiblethis2.jpg

Doc Ock 4Mugen could lead a class-action lawsuit on his hands with this pic.

Fawkes won't let nobody give no Brontes no shit. Word!
Fawkes - twilightwhoseresponsible.jpg

Friginator has found my origin issue!

Friginator also told Bruce to wait until The Mark of Zorro came out in DVD. But did he listen? Noooooo......

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