I Believe We’re Approaching Critical Mass

That is a song, which I assume is titled “WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS,” performed by Miss Mayday. I think it’s quite pretty, actually, although I would prefer it if it didn’t make me think of a dozen guys in matted animal costumes busting in through my windows with bats and firearms.

Now, a lot of you have sent in a ton of WRT images and other assorted goodies — one of my favorites is this adorable countdown clock to judgement day — and by all means, keep sending ’em to me. I’ll do another WRT post as soon as I get enough. But for the record, I’m not interested in starting an internet “war” on Brickhousebunny21 or his site. Topless Robot is about nerds laughing at themselves; while I honestly think BHB21 has real problems, he’s still a nerd, and I’d much prefer he enjoy the meme’s celebrity than hate it, since it’s far more entertaining than his fan fiction (I’d also like him to get help, but whatever). I mean, in all honesty, HIS RESPONSIBLE THIS. He should embrace it. I’m just the asshole that made fun of his story on the internet.

That said, Brickhousebunny21, if you still feel slighted — or anybody who’s been wronged by FFF, for that matter — you’re more than welcome to write an fan fic story starring me, and I’ll run it in FFF. I may edit it for size, but not for content. Rest assured, I’m not looking forward to it, but I have to admit that’s fair play. You can email them to me at toplessrobot(at) Hopefully you’ll find that a more reasonable solution than the house/furries/bats thing.