Here's Some News You Might Have Missed While You Stuffed Your Face Yesterday

By Chris Cummins in Miscellaneous, Movies
Friday, November 23, 2012 at 12:30 pm
New ED-209.jpg
• The viral marketing campaign for the Robocop reboot is well underway courtesy of this OmniCorp website that brings us the first best glimpse yet at the new ED-209. Now we know what the offspring of Fall of Cybetron Soundwave and those aliens from Battleship would look like. UPDATE: You can check out a bunch of new images from the film over at Collider.
Doctor Who premiered 49 years ago today. (Which is either 900 years ago or next Wednesday in Timelord terms). Naturally we should all be celebrating this milestone by buying a TARDIS mini fridge or watching this trippy disco performance of the theme song from the UK music series Top of the Pops.
• More bad news for Community fans, Chevy Chase has left the series. Unless of course you hated Pierce, in which case WHEE! (Via The AV Club)
• Jump to 0:48 in this video for a closer look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles float that was featured in yesterday's Macy's parade.
• Indie comics icon/former TR interview subject Jeffrey Brown has announced that Vader's Little Princess will be the follow-up to his Darth Vader and Son. (Via Comics Alliance)
• "Gangam Style" irritant Psy is now the focus of a vinyl figure from Funko.
• The Tolkien estate is not at all happy about the existence of Lord of the Rings slot machines.So much so that they're suing Warner Bros. for $80,000,000.
• What if Game of Thrones was a Seinfeld-esque sitcom? That's a question that no one in the history of ever has asked, yet the Internet answered it anyway. See for yourself:As if Joffrey getting slapped needed a laugh track...
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