Here’s Some News You Might Have Missed While You Stuffed Your Face Yesterday

New ED-209.jpg

? The viral marketing campaign for the Robocop reboot is well underway courtesy of this OmniCorp website that brings us the first best glimpse yet at the new ED-209. Now we know what the offspring of Fall of Cybetron Soundwave and those aliens from Battleship would look like. UPDATE: You can check out a bunch of new images from the film over at Collider.
? Doctor Who premiered 49 years ago today. (Which is either 900 years ago or next Wednesday in Timelord terms). Naturally we should all be celebrating this milestone by buying a TARDIS mini fridge or watching this trippy disco performance of the theme song from the UK music series Top of the Pops.
? More bad news for Community fans, Chevy Chase has left the series. Unless of course you hated Pierce, in which case WHEE! (Via The AV Club)
? Jump to 0:48 in this video for a closer look at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles float that was featured in yesterday’s Macy’s parade.
? Indie comics icon/former TR interview subject Jeffrey Brown has announced that Vader’s Little Princess will be the follow-up to his Darth Vader and Son. (Via Comics Alliance)
? “Gangam Style” irritant Psy is now the focus of a vinyl figure from Funko.
? The Tolkien estate is not at all happy about the existence of Lord of the Rings slot machines.So much so that they’re suing Warner Bros. for $80,000,000.
? What if Game of Thrones was a Seinfeld-esque sitcom? That’s a question that no one in the history of ever has asked, yet the Internet answered it anyway. See for yourself:As if Joffrey getting slapped needed a laugh track…