The Greatest (Lego) Lightsaber Fight You’ll Ever See

I don’t know why all this Lego awesomeness is happening this week, but I hope to hell it keeps up. As incredible as yesterday’s Lego Blade Runner final scene was, this incredibly animated lightsaber duel by Fancy Pants Productions — based on The Force Unleashed videogame — is even better. Hell, it’s better than The Force Unleashed game and several lightsaber duels in the actual Star Wars movies, for fuck’s sake, and it’s done entirely with Legos! (Note: I will never, ever call the term of “Lego” as “Lego,” so you’d best get over it.) Great White Snark brought the clip to my attention, and I begrudgingly have to agree with him that the camera angles and shots along are worthy of a real, professional movie, to say nothing of the remarkably smooth animation. Enjoy.