The 8 Craziest Things About the Dead Rising Franchise

By Charles Webb in Daily Lists, Video Games, zombies
Tuesday, December 3, 2013 at 6:00 am

5. Also, This "Sexy" Murder-Suicide

Again, it's hard to stress how... odd the representations of sex are in the Dead Rising games, but Dead Rising 2 attempted to up the ante with the Bailey Twins, a pair of sequin-wearing psychos ready to slice and dice hero Chuck Greene.

A little cheesecake was, by this point, par for the course for Dead Rising, but the sequel added an extra ick factor with their menacing groping of Chuck's ally, reporter Rebecca Chang. It's such a gleefully sick and exploitative sequence, the husky-voiced twins alternately promising a little sex and violence as Dead Rising 2 barreled towards its conclusion.

And to add a little more twisted misery on top of it all, after Chuck dispatches Crystal, her sister, Amber - unable to live with the loss - guts herself next to Crystal, sharing a final, tender touch as her blood pools on a disco floor.

6. Frank the Pimp

Capcom kept things classy in the first Dead Rising with this achievement, requiring players to escort eight female survivors to the Security Room during the game's "72 Hour Mode."

The challenge itself is actually kind of cool - essentially, Capcom is tasking the player with getting a high number of survivors back to safety in one piece - a task laid out with the similar Tour Guide achievement in the same game.

That they all have to be female survivors adds an extra layer of difficulty to an already tough scenario, but really, "Frank the Pimp?" This particular achievement shows just what kind of regard the developers at Capcom had for women (very little), making what's an overall enjoyable game hard to recommend to half of the potential players out there.

7. The Unbearable Loneliness of Otis

Meet Otis, the kindly janitor and one of the reasons why you'll hate Frank's walkie-talkie in the first Dead Rising. The character is a nice enough older guy who simply wants to help Frank save the remaining survivors in and around the mall, but mechanically, he's one of the most irritating elements in a series rife with irritating elements.

Say you're out, running around, trailing eight survivors (probably female) around behind you, just hoping none of you get shot by a roving Psycho. Well, here comes Otis on the walkie, offering advice on another band of survivors being menaced by zombies somewhere. Oh, and when you respond to Otis, Frank is unable to use his weapons or defend himself in combat.

Hey Otis, maybe next time lend poor Frank some kind of hands-free setup?

8. Maybe the Best Homage to George Romero in Gaming

With its mall setting and commentary (however dull) at conspicuous consumerism, both the first and second Dead Rising titles were the best Dawn of the Dead games never made.

In fact, the similarities between the properties were so close, that Capcom added a notice to the first run of the game, pointing out that Romero didn't participate in the development of Dead Rising.


In spite of how thin (and problematic) the series is, Dead Rising captures some of the anarchic glee of Romero's 1978 film, which saw a trio of survivors holed up inside of a Pittsburgh mall following a national zombie outbreak. While Dead Rising was more interested in twisted and increasingly confusing conspiracies involving zombies bugs and Dawn was about how humans would find trying to survive with their stuff an empty, spiritually draining endeavor, both used their mall settings to ultimately let some humans go sickhouse on a bunch of dead people after playing dress up.

Or at least, that's how I read their legacies.

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