Topless Robot's Last-Minute Geeky Gift Guide

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 6:00 am


Man of Steel Limited Edition Gift Set


The next Superman movie just got a hell of a lot more interesting. Ben Affleck as Batman and a skinny, little-known actress as Wonder Woman? If people went to see the Man of Steel hoping for another train wreck, then they'll be flocking to the sequel to see if the movie can face down daunting odds and triumph a second time. And to prepare for the critique, they're gonna need to watch Man of Steel a bunch of times. So why not pick them up a special edition set, complete with Blu-Ray, DVD and digital versions? Director Zack Snyder's visuals never fail to impress, and his usual nouveau-mythic treatment of his subject matter actually fits Superman pretty well. There's a 3-D edition as well, but only this one has the adorable little figures of Kal-El and General Zod. They can't casually trash your city, but they can glare convincingly.


Iron Man & Hulk: Heroes United DVD


For the young superhero supporter on your list, the latest animated DVD release from Marvel Comics pairs two of the Marvel's most brilliant scientific geniuses, who also happen to be two of their deadliest combatants. Bruce Banner and Tony Stark team up to fight baddies that require a mix of brains and brawn in this computer-generated tale, and no stone is left unpunched. The movie also has a code to get a free Iron Man Minimate, plus the option of ordering two more exclusive figures of the Hulk (in Iron Man armor) and Hulkbuster Iron Man (with whom regular Iron Man has a throwdown). It's two three four gifts in one!


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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Complete Seasons 1-5 (Collector's Edition)


While we're all waiting for more information about the next Star Wars cartoon series, Rebels, Warner Bros. has snuck out this complete series collection of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. While not all Star Wars fans subscribe to the animated adventures, the cartoon is noteworthy for exploration of the various worlds in the Star Wars universe, new characters like Cad Bane and the fact that it finally brought back Darth Maul after we all asked like a million times. Both the 15-disc Blu-ray set and the 19-disk DVD set include an episode guide to all 108 episodes, a 54-page Art of the Clone Wars booklet, and each season's unique special features. What, no official Producer Dave FIloni hat?


Wolf Children Blu-Ray & DVD Combo


The general concensus is that director Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars) is the new Hayao Miyazaki, if not in tone then in talent, and his latest film is a widely viewed as a new anime classic. Wolf Children follows a woman who falls in love with a wolf and is then left to raise their two half-wolf kids when he is no longer around, and it should be seen and enjoyed by any fan of animation, or any parent of seemingly feral children. If you know someone who is one or both of those things - perhaps someone who's waiting for their kids to be old enough to watch My Neighbor Totoro - then you have your gift right here. Extras include commentary, trailers and footage from the film's various international premieres.


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