Valiant Will Live-Stream Weekly Comic Creative Workshops Into Stores Nationwide, Publish Best

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 10:00 am


By "nationwide" I mean at Hastings stores, and to be honest I've never heard of Hastings before, so they're not everywhere, but they seem cool.

Starting Sept. 19th and running for four weeks, Valiant will be live-streaming a workshop on a different aspect of comic creating: writing, penciling, inking and coloring - featuring some of their creative talent. Everyone who participates will get a special workbook, and it all culminates in a big contest where the winner will get his or her creation published by Valiant. matter what your skill level, in the end everyone can say you made a...


...Valiant effort.

YEEEAAAHHHHHHHHHH...oh wait, there's more...

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New Comic Book Day: Steve Orlando Talks Virgil

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 at 6:30 am

Image Comics
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Steve Orlando made headlines earlier this year as he helped launch Midnighter, the first ongoing comic from the big two to star an openly gay man. Later this month, he gets the chance to revisit an earlier work. Virgil, a queersploitation story about a gay, Jamaican cop outed, beaten and humiliated for his sexual orientation, was originally funded through Kickstarter. Next week, this tale, written by Orlando with art from JD Faith, Chris Beckett and Thomas Mauer is being released beyond the initial KS backers by Image Comics. Steve sat down with me to talk a little about the book and how it (and he) have changed since Virgil was first conceived...

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This New Backpacking Batman Figure Is a Hilariously Unhappy Camper

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 at 12:30 pm


"Fine, Damian. You wanted to go camping? We're $%$#@ing camping. No toilet paper? TOO DAMN BAD. Use leaves. What do you mean, your pack's too heavy? *sigh* I guess I'm gonna have to carry that too, aren't I?"

"Kids. Can't live with 'em, can't leave them orphaned in an alleyway."

Survival Suit Batman, as he is officially known, will be available in the second half of 2016.

7 Different Ways One Walking Dead Toy Triggered My Panic Attacks

Friday, August 28, 2015 at 5:00 am


I get panic attacks sometimes.

I don't like to say I "suffer" from them, because I feel like that word should be reserved for people who need serious medical attention. It's enough to say I get them, and I don't like them. I can't imagine there's a person who does. Everyone's are different, but mine often combine the feeling that I have a ton of stuff that needs doing in too little time, while simultaneously holding me in place and keeping me from actually doing any of it, save obsessively checking Twitter to see if new Star Wars news broke.

So when I saw the movie Lego: A Brickumentary, and I heard Trey Parker talking about how he loves to build Lego sets in his free time because they're just about following instructions and that relaxes his mind, I decided it might be a good idea to give that a go. But maybe I shouldn't have substituted a McFarlane Building set in the equation...

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Jeremy Renner Reveals His New Purple Hawkeye Costume, Civil War Factions

Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 11:36 am


I guess the classic mask is beside the point at this stage, but I am liking this a lot. Renner just Tweeted it out.

He also Tweeted what appears to be concept art for Team Iron Man and Team Cap in Civil War, though it could also conceivably be fan art (since it features his new costume, though, it's likely legit - but there's no Spider-Man yet). Potential SPOILERS ahoy...

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This Upcoming TMNT Bebop and Rocksteady Fan Film Looks Terrifying

Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 9:30 am


Let's face it - Tokka and Rahzar in the original movies didn't scare any of us half as much as when Bebop and/or Rocksteady showed up at the end of a level in the arcade game and started kicking our young gamer asses. Thanks to a Cracked article, I came across a trailer for a fan film that gives me flashbacks to that "Oh shit, my Turtle's gonna die now" vibe I used to get back in the day (which was irrational, given that I only played using huge rolls of quarters that didn't run out).

Seriously, seeing these guys in motion, slobbering and shooting off automatic weapons while drunk, is pretty damn creepy. If Sheamus and Uncle Ruckus are even close to this in the real movie sequel I'll be impressed (which is unlikely).

Watch and see...

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Comicave's New 6-Inch Diecast Iron Man Action Figure Calls Shotgun

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 8:00 am


I'm frequently amazed that collectors exist who will pay top dollar to own every single Iron Man suit ever in toy form, but they do, and the figures keep coming. This particular variant is

the Mark 40 variant, also known by its moniker, "Shotgun," is a hyper-velocity traveling suit and was one a new generation of Iron Man armored suits created by Tony Stark for the Iron Legion. The suit received its nickname, "Shotgun," for the explosive sonic boom it creates when breaking the sound barrier in flight.
This fully articulated figure is 75% metal (sort of like Metallica post-Load), features LEDs in the head and chest, and being the first of many Singapore imports by Bluefin from Comicave Studios, will run you around $140.

As a bonus, if you get bored of it someday you can melt it down to make cutlery. But please only do that if you actually know how.

New Comic Book Day: Big Moves at Casa Dandy

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 6:30 am

Oni Press
Big news from Casa Dandy: over the next week, I'm turning 30+ and moving 350 miles. SO! I'm already drunk. Also! I'm moving to a Comcast area, so who the hell knows if I'll ever get Internet again. In the unlikely event that I get Comcasted really hard, I've got a treat loaded up for next week: I sat down with Steve Orlando, the awesome writer of the awesome Midnighter, and talked to him about Virgil, his new queersploitation comic from Image. You'll get to see that interview next week, and then even if I have to hike into town for Internet service, I'll be back with your regularly scheduled reviews the following week.

But first, we got comics this week! Demented imports from Spain; twisted satire; cool cyberpunk; fun spy comics; and ooh a Thundercats/Barbarella crossover? Shit! It's not that. Stupid typoglycemia. First up, though, we get a glimpse behind the local news camera.

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10 Fictional Heroes Who Really Suck at Their Jobs

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 5:00 am


On the surface, heroes are who we should aspire to be. When you examine specific ones closely, however, you'll notice many are ill-suited for their duties. Are these flaws designed to humanize them, or do writers just not realize how terrible these modern day role models are? Just because they have a loftier than average vocation doesn't mean they're not incompetent. If your favorite hero has been around long enough, they're bound to have off-days (not to mention days when they're mind controlled into turning evil), so let's try to focus on the ones that have chronically underperformed, have the wrong attitude for their profession, or massively screwed up. So yeah, there will be SPOILERS.

(This excludes characters that are intentionally satirical like Sterling Archer and the Tick. I'll also avoid characters who failed into obscurity; you lucked out this time, Sir Denis Nayland Smith! Or should I say the destitute racist's Sherlock Holmes?) So if you've ever gotten a lousy performance review at work, take comfort in knowing that your career could still be the basis for a popular hero one day!

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Topless Toy Chest - McFarlane Toys' Walking Dead Comic Series 4 and Exclusive Grave Digger Daryl

Monday, August 24, 2015 at 9:30 am


WARNING: Walking Dead comic figures may feature potential spoilers for future TV show plot points. There is one I notably left out in the pic above.

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