Comics Coming to PSP and PS3; Meth Addicts Concerned

This was mentioned this past weekend, but I didn’t want to forget it — basically, Sony is creating a digital reading service for the PlayStation Network which will bring Marvel comics — and IDW and Archie and a few others — straight to PlayStation 3s and PSPs; you can see an incredibly boring presentation on the service above. I didn’t want to forget it because it is brilliant, and because I’m shocked — shocked — Microsoft and Xbox didn’t lock down this idea for Xbox Live first. Maybe it’s me, but it seems like a no-brainer. Maybe because I’m actually interested in it personally. I don’t want to drive out to the comic store, and I hate reading comics on my computer. So I would be all over something that let me read new comics on my TV (I only watch instant Netflix on my TV, too).

So my question is what’s next — will Sony manage to woo DC as well, or will Microsoft pony up to at least get DC first? I’m betting on the latter. And if that happens, will we ever get both of the Big Two’s comics on one console, or will the two stay on their respective consoles’ sides? Nerdy food for nerdy thought, my friends. Also, this has to seriously confuse the meth addicts using comics for currency — very sad, given that they already have meth face to deal with.