Green Lantern Is Doomed — DOOOOOOOOMMEEDD


?From Australian film site Inside Film:

Green Lantern‘s proposed Australian shoot is understood to be under threat after the rising Australian dollar has blown out production costs.

Warner Bros is understood to be negotiating with the NSW State
Government to receive a higher level of concessions in an effort to
claw back between $US15 and $US25 million in value eroded by the
currency gains.

The value of the Australian dollar has climbed by more than 16 per cent
since the State Labor government announced the deal to film at Fox
Studios in mid-April. The big-budget Hollywood blockbuster was expected
to create around 500 local jobs, including 100 performers and 200 crew.

/Film says is the GL pre-production crew is already scouting New Orleans for possible locations, and that there’s no need to panic or suppose that the Green Lantern movie might not happen. But if I don’t make wild, unfounded accusations about things I know nothing about, I feel like I’m not my job. So I’ll remind you that the exact moment the long-in-actual-pre-production Justice League movie went off the rails is when Australia proved too expensive for its shoot. And Justice League had its director and cast as well, so I don’t see any reason not to panic. On the other hand, every step back for the GL movie is likely a step forward for the Deadpool movie, so…