Author M.V. Moorhead

M.V. Moorhead won five Arizona Press Club awards for his work in Phoenix New Times. His reviews, essays, poetry, fiction and other writings have appeared in Wrangler News (, Phoenix Magazine, USA Today, Weird Tales, Elysian Fields Quarterly, The Big Click and many other publications in the U.S. and Australia, and may also be found at his own blog, Less Hat, Moorhead ([email protected]). He's also a produced playwright, and was a talk-radio host in Phoenix for two years. A native of Pennsylvania, he lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his wife, his daughter and three Chihuahuas with five eyeballs between them.

Daily Lists

The Top Ten Taxmen in Pop Culture

“Quit your crying, and pay what’s due!” Not every reference herein is necessarily nerdy – but let’s be honest: traditionally, all taxmen are portrayed as nerds. Our number one is an arguable exception.