Hot Transformers-on-Revoltech Toy Action

A few years ago, it seemed like every Japanese property ever wanted to have Micromen toys?Evangelion, Street Fighter, about 100 different giant robots…now, the balance of power has shifted to Kaiyodo’s Revoltech toys, and it’s easy to see why?the things are just as possible as Micromen, but bigger and better sculpted.

Anyways, the Transformers are jumping on the bandwagon, which currently contains about 100 giant robots, Evangelion, the little-girl manga series Yotsuba@! (FYI, that is neither a typo nor is the series child pornography) and more. The two first ‘Formers are Hot Rod and Starscream, who will be very, very poseable, but non-transformable.
I love the “Whatcha gonna do?!” shrug Starscream’s got. For more, larger pics, as well as million Japanese characters that will mean nothing to you, click here for Hot Rod, and here for Starscream, where you can also see their accessories. (Via Danny Choo)