Cannibalism is Adorable

Well, aren’t these just the cutest psychopathic serial killers you ever saw! Diamond Select Toys has announced a new addition to their adorable Mini-Mates line, namely 1991’s Silence of the Lambs. The four-pack includes Clarice (notably the first Jodie Foster action figure ever), Dr. Lecter (notable not at all the first Anthony Hopkins/Dr. Lecter figure), Buffalo Bill (the first of him, but sadly missing a tucking-his-penis-between-his-legs action feature) and…well, another Dr. Lecter.

SotL joins pretty good company Diamond Select’s Mini-Mates line, seeing as they’ve done Back to the Future, For A Few Dollars More, Platoon and more. There’s another pic of the toys (and their accessories) after the jump. (Via Action-Figure)