HD-DVD Is Already Dead

The hi-def war is over, boys and girls. If you picked Blu-Ray (or picked nothing), it’s time to clap yourself on the back and have a drink. If you picked HD-DVD, it’s time to sob uncontrollably in a dark corner…and have a drink.

On Friday, the previously neutral Warner Bros. announced that it was going Blu-Ray only by May 31, which effectively gives Sony’s Blu-Ray the support of 70% of Hollywood movie studios, while cutting Toshiba and Microsoft’s HD-DVD down to 30%. According to The Digital Bits, Warner likely saw the edge Blu-Ray had already, saw the hi-def format war was not only hurting hi-def movies sales but also regular ol’ DVDs, and realized it’s support could make Blu-Ray a clear winner, which wasn’t true for HD-DVD. (Also, a rumored gift basket of $500 million from Sony to Warner might have helped).

Which means HD-DVD has been mortally wounded, and everyone who picked it will be Officially Screwed come May. So sorry. ? Rob