Indiana Jones and the Legos that Really Hurt When You Step on Them

indiana_jones.jpgLego Indiana Jones hates two things: snakes and when kids put his lower half on backwards, forcing him to look at his ass. Oh, and Nazis. Three things. Coincidentally, there are three Indy news items worth mentioning:

? The genuine Indiana Jones Lego sets are now available for purchase! All you need to know is that there are Lego Nazis, a Lego Karen Allen and best of all, a Lego Ark of the Covenant. If you want to see the spoiler-riffic Lego sets for the upcoming fourth movie, check ’em out here.

? The Lego Indiana Jones video game has been announced for PCs, which is admittedly not particularly shocking. The Lego Star Wars game, made by the same developer, was hella fun and shockingly funny, so it’s well worth looking into. If you haven’t watched the trailer for the game yet, do yourself a favor.

? Okay, it’s not Lego-related, but Dark Horse has announced it’ll be doing the Indy 4 movie comic book adaptation. This is also only barely news, since Dark Horse does all the Lucasfilm comics, but I wanted to take a moment to tell (or remind) people about Star Wars Tales #19, a comic of what is essentially SW fan-fiction. In it, there was a story where Han Solo crashed the Millennium Falcon into Earth in about 1700, was killed by Native Americans, and Indiana Jones found the Falcon in a forest 300 years later. Chewbacca, having hung out in the forest all that time, watched.

It is the stupidest thing ever created by a human being. You can read it here. That is all.