Lupin the 3rd Has Blown My Mind

A little set-up for those not in the anime know: Lupin the 3rd is a gentleman thief and one of the most popular anime characters in Japan, having TV series, specials and movies since the ’70s. He started out in a red jacket and more of James Bond, sex and killing bad guys sensibility, but when his first movie came out?directed by Hayao Miyazaki, who later helmed the Academy Award-winning Spirited Away?he had a green jacket for a while, and was more gentleman than thief, rescuing damsels in distress. the green jacket and Lupin’s soft side last for a while, then the red jacket and harder edge came back.
NOW…the new Lupin straight-to-DVD special has been announced (with these pics), and it’s called Lupin the 3rd: Green Vs. Red, where apparently the Lupin in the green jacket fights the Lupin in the red jacket, and it’s blowing my goddamn mind. Two Lupins? Have there always been two Lupins? Is this going to be a canonical explanation of why one Lupin was really soft-hearted, and the other was more of a badass? What the hell are Lupin’s loyal minions Jigen and Goemon going to do? Why are they trying to kill each other?! Is this like a Highlander for gentlemen-thieves?! Is this the most awesome idea for a Lupin anime ever?! Yes!