Marvel Zombies Lumbering to DVD?

FUCK AND YES. That’s my reaction, mind you, not any kind of guarantee; seeing the only place the possibility of an animated Marvel Zombies has been mentioned is, and there as a rumor.
Still, it has some weight; Marvel’s been cleaning up with their straight-to-DVD cartoons of Iron Man, Ultimate Avengers and Doctor Strange; and Marvel Zombies was one of the best-selling graphic novels of 2007, for it’s touching scenes of Spider-man moaning about eating Aunt May; Iron Man keeping the Black Panther alive in a box to slowly eat pieces of his leg (that Iron Man, always thinking ahead!); and “Corporal” America losing the top half of his skull to his own shield. So anyways, I’m irresponsibly reporting the rumor in here in the hope that it spreads, forcing someone to make this bad boy.