The Greatest Story Ever Told…in a Manga

Jesus is coming, kids…and he’s going to have really big eyes.

The Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines has launched the Bible Anime program, a line of “manga” comic book-inspired religious passages and Bible-based characters aimed at winning over youth in the predominately Roman Catholic country.

“It’s our way of reaching out to young people, especially the children, who do not read the Bible. We want to encourage them to read the word of God,” Oscar Alunday, a CBCP priest, said.

Instead of just Pokemon or Naruto, he said young Filipinos can now download the Gospel or any of the Bible-based anime characters, which they can pass on to their friends.

Things I would pay to see:

? David using the Fist of the North Star technique on Goliath
? A harem-show starring Moses
? Mary Magdalene as a Sailor Moon-esque magical girl
? Jesus powering up to Super Saiyan

(Via AsiaMedia; the pic is from the mind-shattering Chibi Jesus Fan Page)