Toy of the Week: 12-Inch Rambo

6307.jpgJohn Rambo is many things. A killing machine. A solver of basic office problems. And now he’s a long-overdue series of 12-inch action figures from Sideshow Collectibles.

The line includes Rambo from each of his first three numerically confusing movies (First Blood, First Blood II, and Rambo III), along with a figure of Rambo in Halo gear and a Colonel Samuel Trautman. Listing all the awesome accessories of each toy would take forever, so he’s what you get with the First Blood II figure:

Accessories Include:
? Costume complete with pants, belt, and boots w/ ?real? laces
? Three unique knives
? Knife Sheath
? Bow
? Arrows
? Quiver
? Watch
? AK-47

All the figures are similarly swagged out; also, they’re all sold out, including Trautman, which I find odd (you can put yourself on a waiting list if you’re so inclined).