Writers’ Strike Good For Nerdery, Nerd-Related Industries

The Hollywood Reporter has an article that reports the only people benefiting for the prolonged writers’ strike are those in nerd-related industry. Specifically, since there’s no goddamn TV to watch, people are turning to DVDs and video games to combat the subtle horror of living.

According to a survey released Thursday from new-media consultancy company Interpret, TV viewership has suffered because of the strike, particularly for dramas and sitcoms. Interpret finds that 27% of respondents are spending less time watching network series and 12% are watching less cable and satellite series.

Conversely, 43% of respondents say they are spending more time watching DVD movies and 23% say they’re watching more TV-DVDs. Another 26% say they are spending more time playing video games.

The same report found that 38% percent of respondents also say they are spending more time in bed, crying in the dark, praying for new episodes of House to help them take their minds off their desperate and pathetic lives. Or masturbating. (Via Reuters)