DVD Day: February 12, 2008

51U%2BFTvkBeL._SS500_.jpgAnother slow week of DVDs, unless you’ve been patiently waiting for the HD skankery of Girls Gone Wild, which is available on Blu-Ray and the increasingly doomed HD-DVD today (the higher resolution really lets you see the lack of dignity). Anyways, to the things you might buy:

? Naruto Uncut Box Set 6
It has Gaara on the cover, so I’m guessing this includes the episodes where Naruto fight Gaara. I absolutely refuse to confirm this with research, however.

? Blade: The Complete Series
You didn’t watch it on TV, so you’ll definitely want it on DVD!

? Zapped!
Absolutely the finest film ever made jointly by Scott Baio and Willie Aames.

? Warner Bros. Academy Awards Animation Collection
If you like old cartoons, you should probably shit your pants over this set?it’s got old Popeye, Superman, Bugs Bunny cartoons and more, all either Oscar winners or nominees.

? Batman Animated Double Feature

Containing Mask of the Phantasm and Batman/Mr. Freeze: Sub-Zero. Sub-Zero kind of sucks, but for my money, Phantasm is still the best Batman film ever made.

? Four Swords: Shaw Brothers Box Set
Containing four of the semi-classic Shaw Bros. wuxia flicks, including The Wandering Swordsman, The Water Margin, Have Sword Will Travel and the awesomely named Vengeance is a Golden Blade.