Fan Fiction Friday: South Park’s Clyde and Butters in “Just a Friendship…”

butters1.jpgThis week’s installment is pretty tame compared to last week’s Megatron-Starscream lust. This short story, by Bekll, is really more of a paean to too young boys growing up together…mostly by jerking off in front of each other.

?Ohhh? mm, yeah!? Butters moans as sweat beads roll down his forehead. His head is tilted back. Then he hears a door open.
?Oh goodness! C-Clyde!? Butters quickly zips up his pants and blinks nervously.
Clyde looks down at Butters’ nether region. ?Were you just jacking off??
?W-what?? Butters stutters.
?Stroking your wiener.? Clyde clarifies.
?I? I, uh?? Butters looks down to the floor in embarrassment.

I’d like to point out that’s exactly where the story begins. In media res, they call it.

?Yeah, maybe.? Clyde pauses, ?Are you going to finish up here??
?Oh! Well um? I-I guess I am.? Butters fidgets a little.
?Can I join?? Clyde asks nonchalantly.

Yeah, I’ve had enough of that. If you want to read the whole adventure, go here. That said, I took a few literary analysis courses in college, but I have to admit I have a few questions about this particular piece:

? Why South Park? And not some cartoon where the characters actually have some kind of sexual characteristics?
? If South Park, why choose to write about Clyde and Butters, and not, say, any of the main characters?
? Why not, if you’re going to take the trouble to write and erotic fan fiction piece, simply have your characters go all the way? Why bother to write something so tame? You’re a pervert anyways.

Answers are appreciated.