New York Toy Fair: Iron Man’s Sweet Ride

You’d think, if I got a bunch of images of Iron Man movie toys, I’d show the action figures, right? Wrong. Ever so wrong. Pics of six pretty identical Iron Man figures are not nearly as interesting to me as this:
I love love love it when toy companies make inappropriate superheros?Spider-Man, Hulk, Iron Man?ride patently ridiculous and unnecessary ride. For instance, Iron Man can fly. If he’s in his armor, he could not need a ground-based vehicle less. What I find even more outstanding that since his car is matched to his armor, he looks like a douchebag who color-coordinated his outfit to his roadster.

Also, there’s this:
You can pump Iron Man to make him launch to the air, either simulating his rocket-feet or the sensation fo having a six-martini lunch on an empty stomach.

What? Fine. One action figure: the Invincible Iron Man.