Star Trek News Trifecta: Terrible Footage, Big Delay, Movie Toys

logo.jpgI’m not sure all three of these items makes one decent news post, but here goes:

? Some L.A. news helicopter shot some aerial footage of a movie set, which might show part of the new Star Trek movie. I kind of refuse to watch this, so tell me how it turns out.

? In genuine(ly bad) news, the film has already been delayed until summer of 2009. This means either the film is looking really good, and they think it can be a summer blockbuster, or it’s looking really awful, and they need more time to salvage it. Since it’s a Star Trek movie, I think you know what my money’s on.

? Someone saw the Star Trek movie figures from Playmates. You can’t see them. But you can read about some guy seeing them, here.

BONUS: At least you Trek fans can console yourselves with this stunningly accurate Communicator.