Venom Might Get His Own Terrible Movie

venom3ac0.jpgVenom, one of the most popular villains in the Marvel universe and one of the three underdeveloped villains in the recent Spider-man 3 film, might be getting his own flick. According to IESB, New Line held the rights to a stand-alone Venom film for eight or so years, but now the rights have reverted back to Marvel, who’s already looking for writers. Topher Grace has already gone on record as refusing to star in a Venom flick, so bully for him.

Some fanboys are in a dither, as…you know, I’m bored with this news already. And frankly, I’m 95% certain that the villain in a Venom movie would be Carnage, who’s like Venom but reddish, and one of the lamest supervillains of all time, so I’m actually getting kind of mad. I’m just going to move on now.