Meet Skeeve Sorrowblade and the Other Figures from World of Warcraft Series 3

D.C. Direct wouldn’t show off their third series of World of Warcraft figures at Toy Fair, yet here are official pics, just a month later. I’m not fussing, just noting. The problem is that D.C. told me at Toy Fair how many paint applications these figures have, and now I’ve forgotten. Suffice it to say that these are D.C.’s Warcraft toys have the most intricate painting of any toys I’ve ever seen. The four figures (due in November) are:

? Blood Elf Paladin Quin?thalan Sunfire
? Dranei Mage Tamuura
? Undead Rogue Skeeve Sorrowblade
? Human Priestess Sister Benedron

I feel kinda sorry for Skeeve, though. I mean, if your name is Skeeve Sorrowblade, don’t you have to become an undead rogue? What other options are really open to you with that name? He’s not becoming Holy Paladin Skeeve Sorrowblade, that’s for sure. Anyways, you can see more of Skeeve and the others here.