U.S. Anime Fandom Finally Catches Up to 1980s Japan

U.S. anime convention Otakon is doing what no con has done for about 25 years?getting its own anime made for the show. The last time this happened, it was 1984 or so in Japan, when the Daicon sci-fi convention (which, being in Japan, included a great deal of anime) had a bunch of crazy kids make the above video, set to E.L.O.’s song “Twilight;” those crazy kids would grow up to form studio Gainax. Otakon, meanwhile, has hired Madhouse and the director of xxxHolic to make the 90-second short, which will feature Otakon’s generic anime-esque mascots. I’m genuinely impressed! And amused, since while Otakon (run by and for fans) has enough money to order their own anime, real U.S. anime companies are losing money had over fist. Wacky! (Via ANN)