When Science Fiction and Breasts Intersect

052506ART19.jpg…they usually call it Heavy Metal magazine. Paramount has announced that they’re going to make another animated Heavy Metal movie, the first one being the 1981 pic that taught many young boys that cartoons could show breasts, the second being Heavy Metal 2000, which I’ve never even heard of anyone seeing. This new pic probably has an edge over the first two, since Fight Club‘s David Fincher is set to lead the project. Sez Variety:

The film will consist of eight or nine individual animated segments, each of which will be directed by a different helmer. Fincher will direct one of the segments; Kevin Eastman, the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” co-creator who is now owner and publisher of Heavy Metal, will direct another. So will Tim Miller, whose Blur Studios will handle the animation for what is being conceived as an R-rated, adult-themed feature.

I have no doubt that Fincher will bring us a mind-bending, psychologically rich exploration of large-breasted cartoon women carrying ludicrously large guns and/or swords, who have consensual sex with robots and/or dinosaurs.