Frank Mller Has Spirit, How ‘Bout You? (Updated)

[Update: Now with no pictures, as per request of Lionsgate! Unsee all you have seen!]

As far as I know, Dark Horizons has the first pics of Frank Miller’s Will Eisner’s The Spirit movie, which are of people wearing dark clothes in front of a large green screen. Although the pics look accurate to the comic (or, at least, The Spirit as seen in Miller’s head), it does look a touch goofy, just by virtue of being a man wearing a latex mask, and hence I’m calling this slightly less good than the previous Hellboy 2 trailer. Also, the fact that this is directed by Frank Miller worries the hell out of me. At any rate, the real pain is still to come, I assure you. And feel free to check out many, many more Spirit pics here.