Oh, That’s a Pretty Millennium Falcon Toy

My good friends know I stopped collecting Star Wars toys in 1999, after 1) realizing I would stick my arm in a filthy toilet to get a Ree-Yess figure, a la Ewan MacGregor in Trainspotting, and 2) I wanted to know the touch of a woman again. I can’t buy a single Star Wars figure, because I know I’ll lose my mind and be totally addicted yet again. Clearly, Hasbro doesn’t care.
Look how awesome this new Millennium Falcon vehicle is! II highly recommend you click on the pic and see the hi-res version.) Separate rooms! A cockpit that can seat four! The medbay! Lights! Sounds! Missiles! Oh god, I’m starting to sweat. I think I’m just going to lie down for a minute. (Via Galactic Hunter)