Papa Smurf Ousted from District Seat Vote, Gargamel Wanted for Questioning

papasmurfw200modmod.jpgFrom the Fond du Lac (Wisconsin) Reporter:

Papa Smurf won?t be in the running when the Dodge County canvass board meets next week to determine the winner of the County?s 29th supervisory district seat.

The patriarch of the Smurf clan was among four write-in candidates penciled in Tuesday during the spring election for the 29th District race.

There were no candidates listed on the ballot, however, County Clerk Karen Gibson said that 15 write-in votes were cast for the position.

?Eleven of the 15 ovals were filled in with no name written on the line below.However, four write-in votes did have names that each received one vote each: Dean Fuller, Duwayne Schelter, Scott Fairbank and, of course, Papa Smurf,? Gibson said.

While Papa Smurf was crossed off the list, Gibson sent letters to Fuller, Schelter and Fairbank, inviting them to participate in the canvass board meeting at 8:30 a.m. Monday, April 7, in the county clerk?s office, where a winner will be chosen by lot and certified.

It’s a damn shame that a the same time both an African-American and Woman-American could take the presidency, the blue man still gets no respect whatsoever. Or maybe its the fact that Papa Smurf lives in a town full of 300 men and one woman that makes people uncomfortable. (Via Black Nerd Comedy)