Rick Gervais Does Stand-Up in Liberty City, Calls It “A Tough Crowd”

If you want more proof that Grand Theft Auto 4 is the biggest entertainment thing ever, you could have worse proof than the news that British comedian/movie star Ricky Gervais performed an exclusive three minutes of stand-up comedy for the game. He was even motion captured for the performance, although he says his game version looks a bit “tougher.” Now think about this?at three minutes, there can only be like one GTA mission in a comedy club which will use the material, and surely most of it will be drowned out by gunfire and screaming when you kill whoever the hell you have to kill (maybe Gervais. Who knows?). So really, a top-tier comedian wasn’t necessary. Also, Ricky Gervais is currently doing pretty well for himself, and it can’t be cheap to get him to write exclusive material, perform it, and get him into a lycra outfit. For my money, this is far bigger than some normal celebrity voice over. (Via Kotaku)