There Are No Ghosbusters Videogame Details, Only Zuul

A batch of new screenshots for the upcoming Ghostbusters game have been released, and rather than tell you were to see them, I decided to post the above video interview which ends up running them as a nice slideshow. There’s also some good news in there, although it comes close to the end: all the original ‘busters will voice their videogame counterparts, including Bill Murray; Zuul will use pieces of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man to make marshmallow dogs; and best of all, original Ghostbusters nemesis William Atherton will repirse his dickless role. Yay! Oh, and Kotaku says Wii owners will be able to hook up a Nintendo DS to the Wii game as a PKE Meter. I can’t believe this game sounds as good as it does.