Venom Has Turned into a Honky

Entertainment Weekly has revealed an exclusive look at Venom’s new design above, and says that he’s going to be called Anti-Venom. I have no feelings about this, but EW also has a collage of pics for Spidey’s “New Ways to Die” summer storyarc, which includes a pic of someone standing over Kraven the Hunter’s grave, which makes me think he’s getting resurrected and makes me throw up in my mouth a little. Hey, sorry for three days of Marvel news in a row?I’m not trying to pimp them or shit on them, I just never hear any DC news, and thus never know what the hell is going on there.

Also, Entertainment Weekly?what the hell is up with all these comic book news exclusives recently? Why you gotta take this shit away from us? We nerd sites need something for our own, since you guys get all the comic movie news too. Kindly back the fuck off. Or hire me. One of the two.