Your NYCC Marvel and DC Superhero Toy Update

There’s too much info for me to be cute with it, so here’s the run-down:

Hulk Wave: Savage She-Hulk, Wendigo, Hulk – The End, Scar – Son of Hulk, World War Hulk – King Hulk, Grey Hulk, Doc Sampson, and Absorbing Man. These will be released as two waves, one in August and one in October, and the build-a-figure will be the 15-inch Fin Fang Foom.

??? Wave: Red Hulk, Spiral, Adam Warlock, Union Jack, Silver Savage, Black Spider-Man and Wolverine Black. They’ll be out in September and will be a Target exclusive wave.

Nemesis Wave: Nova, Black Bolt, Tigra, Tim Bradstreet Punisher with camo variant, and Yellow Daredevil with red variant, and Astonishing X-Men Beast. The build-a-figure will be Nemesis, natch. This wave is now a Wal-Mart exclusive, and due in December.

Two-packs: Elektra/Ronin, Ultimate Classic Cap/Ultimate Fury, SHIELD Agent/Red Hand Ninja, Forge/Wolverine, Skrull/Kree and three others.

There are plenty o’ Marvel Legends pics here at Marvelous

Wave 4: Cyborg, Batman Beyond, Captain Atom (with gold variant), Wonder Woman (with Artemis variant) and Ares. The build-a-figure is Despero, and the wave will be out in the summer.

Wave 5: Amazo, Atom, Riddler (in his business suit), Eradicator and Black Lightning. The build-a-figure is Metallo. This wave is a Wal-Mart exclusive, due in the fall.

Wave 6: Hawkman, Black suit n’ mullet Superman, Mr. Miracle and more. Due in the fall.

Two-packs: Batgirl/Azreal and Light Ray/Orion are Toys “R” Us exclusives, out in August.

SDCC Exclusive: Lobo and his dog.

And there’s a mess o’ DC Universe pics here at ToyNewsI.