And Heeeeeeeeeere’s Goku

…and back to the irksome movie news. Here’s the first pic of Justin Chatwin as Goku in the live-action Dragonball movie, courtesy of the Japanese Shonen Jump. Besides his overmoussed hair and American Eagle clothes and dull expression and the fact that none of the actors in this thing look at all like Akira Toriyama’s original manga, I guess it’s okay. Except for all that. Here’s a translation of the Japanese text, courtesy of DB the Movie:

I?ll grant you a wish?!!

Rumor after rumor but [now]Dragonball live action movie finally comes true !
Director James Wong of Final Destination, and producer the revolutionary film maker Stephen Chow of Shaolin Soccer. Remarkable casts are Son Goku is Justin Chatwin who played Tom Cruise?s son at Steven Spielberg movie War of the Worlds, and Master Roshi is Chow Yun-Fat of Pirates of the Caribbean.

All Dragonball fan?s wish are granted now ! We will continue to offer new information to you on Jump Cinema Island !

And the Chinese character on the Goku?s T-shirts is ?Un?(means luck, fate, fortune)

I don’t think I’m wrong in thinking this movie will need all the luck/fate/fortune it can get.