Can Even Tron Save Heroes?

Although it pains me to recall it, there was a time when I thought Heroes was better than Lost. That was in the beginning of Heroes‘ first season, when some big revelation or twist happened every episode and Lost‘s third, when nothing was happening at all. Of course, Lost immediately stepped up its game and Heroes has sucked immensely since the first season finale. Point is, I kind of hate Heroes now for starting so good and then sucking so bad, as I feel I’ve been tricked.

But when Heroes‘ third season starts this fall, there will be a new member of the cast. Namely, Tron?Bruce motherfucking Boxleitner himself. And some chick named Brea Grant from the always-almost-doomed Friday Night Lights will show up as a Flash/Quicksilver-fast-person-type. TV Guide’s Ausiello says that despite these additions to the cast, the show will focus of the original Heroes, to avoid the insane waste of time that were the Mexican brother and sister (who made Nikki and Paulo look brilliant, by the way). I’m not opposed to adding more people to the Heroes‘ cast, because most of the original Heroes are incredibly dull. Just as long as they do something besides take a road trip with Sylar and use their powers in a way with absolutely no consequence for 10 episodes in row and then die, making their dull adventure even more worthless.