Hasbro to Release Adorable Soldiers and the Cutesy-Wutesy Terrorists They Fight

You knew this was coming.
Yes, Hasbro’s bringing G.I. Joe to their pre-school friendly Heroes line in 2009, with the first Combat Heroes pack containing Snake Eyes and Timber, and the second of Hasbro’s 2008 SDCC exclusives. That means there is, for the first time ever, one toyline which includes G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Transformers, Marvel Super Heroes (thanks for the reminder, JesterGoblin) and Indiana Jones, even if they are all kiddie toys. Also, since these Heroes line are almost all throwbacks to the classic toys (since pre-schoolers are idiots and don’t care) it’s very likely we’ll see ridiculous Combat Heroes like Dr. Mindbender, Raptor (the original birdman-at-law), the Cobra-La jackasses, and more. It’s kind of an awesome time to be alive.