Iron Man Fills His (Box Office) Victims Full of Dread

So…how did your weekend go? I finally got around to doing the laundry. Iron Man, on the other hand, earned over $100 million in three days.

It would be safe to say that the folks at Marvel Studios?who took the risk to make Iron Man on their own, as opposed to letting another studio spend the cash and reap the rewards?are thigh-deep in high-class prostitutes and mounds of cocaine at the moment. They’ve earned it, as here’s what Iron Man has done:

? The 10th best 3-day opening ever
? The 10th movie to make $100 million in three days
? The second highest grossing non-sequel movie ever (#1 is Spider-man)
? Also made $97 million overseas, for a total of $200 million world three goddamn days

I think it’s probably safe to say we’ll be getting a sequel. For the TR take, I think it’s the best comic movie I’ve ever seen. Usually origin movies are pretty clunky, just because they have to set everything up, but Iron Man is massively entertaining from start to finish. I think that’s mostly to do with Robert Downey Jr., who is just a massively entertaining guy, My wife, no comic book fan, told me she would have happily watched a movie of Tony Stark drinking and womanizing pre-Iron Man, and I would have too. Go see it.