Medicom Offers Speed Racer Awesome Toys as Consolation Prizes

Just because Speed Racer tanked in America doesn’t mean there aren’t some classic anime fans in Japan still salivating over the movie. So it should be no huge surprise that Medicom has added both Emile Hirsch’s Speed and Matthew Fox’s Racer X to its 12-inch Real Action Heroes line.

RAH-RACERX-1.jpgI think the Speed Racer toy actually looks far cooler than Hirsch did in the movie, and Medicom has improved upon the Matthew Fox face they made for their Lost Jack Shepard figure they released earlier this year (although admittedly, they only had to make lower half this time). Both toys will run about $175, and be out before the end of the year in Japan. One hopes that a 12-inch Christina Ricci as Trixie mightn’t be too far behind… (Via ToysREvil)