Pitfall Harry Climbs Out of the Tar Pit to Give the Wii a Chance

Here’s how awesome the original Pitfall game was for the Atari 2600?even though the series hasn’t been good since Pitfall II (also for the Atari 2600, and a bonafide masterpiece in my opinion) I’m always excited when a new Pitfall game is announced…right up to the time it’s released. Here’s the good news: Activision is putting Pitfall: The Big Adventure for the Wii, and using the Wii-more to swing on vines over crocodile pits seems like the greatest idea ever. Also good: Activision mentions a “retro-cool Pitfall Harry.”

I have a proposal for you, Activision?just own the classic 2600, and make Harry a bunch of 3-D blocks. In fact, have the whole world look like the 2600 game, but in 3-D. See, when you update Harry, he’s been either realistic and mediocre (the PlayStation version) or looked like Leisure Suit Larry and fucking terrible (everything else). Either way, we all just want the original version whose head was connected ever so slightly to his body by a single pixel.

Fucking tar pits. (Via Kotaku)