Superman Defeats Lex Luthor to the CW’s Worry

Michael Rosenbaum is leaving Smallville. Forgive me if I’m not more broken up, but I never really got into Smallville. I tried, honestly, but then saw an episode where there’s an illegal street racing subculture in Smallville that Clark had never heard of despite living in Smallville his entire life, and I decided that was the stupidest thing ever.

Anyways, there are two important things to note about Rosenbaum/Luthor’s departure; the first is that Entertainment Weekly says he will be replaced by two villains, Doomsday?the guy who killed Supes in the ’90s?and an unnamed female. In the comics, Doomsday looks like this:

Since this is The CW, I assume the Smallville version of Doomsday will look like this:

The second things is that Rosenbaum wants to start “the next chapter of his life and career.” Is there a spec script for Sorority Boys 2 that I’m unaware of? More importantly, wouldn’t it suck if Michael Rosenbaum couldn’t grow hair anymore? I think he’d be bitter as hell.