DVD News Trifecta: MST3K, Silverhawks, Vehicle Voltron

? Finally, there’s more MST3K a-comin’. Shout Factory, who picked up the Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVD license from Rhino a while ago, have a listing for their first 4-volume release on Amazon, due on October 26th and priced at $49. There’s no word on which four episodes will be in the set?they’re clearly saving that info for SDCC?but they are calling it a 20th Anniversary set, which may or may not mean something. I’m praying for #701 Night of the Blood Beast, with the above short Once Upon a Honeymoon.

? The Silverhawks cartoon is coming to DVD this year, which should be fantastic news for at least eight of you. Sez TV Shows on DVD: “Silverhawks – Season 1, Volume 1 has been announced for release on October 14th. Cost is $44.98 SRP.”

? The Vehicle Voltron series, which even as children we uniformly hated, will be available on DVD for those of you whose memories have turned rose-colored from the passing of time. You can pre-order the 3-disc set for $24 on Amazon now, and it’ll roll out on September 30th.